If you’re looking for some affordable home renovations, making a few changes to your kitchen can be a smart move. While certain trends come and go, there are definitely some new trends in kitchen renovations that every homeowner should consider. Here are the latest on-trend ideas that will inspire you to make some easy and affordable home renovations of your own.

Contemporary Colours

For years, many people preferred the classic look of a white kitchen. However, today’s modern homes call for something a bit more dramatic and bolder.

You can do some kitchen renovations that will change the colour palette in this space, like installing dark grey cabinets or granite countertops in this trendy colour. Replace your old white floor tile with fresh, new light grey wood-look laminate to give the entire kitchen a trendy upgrade.

Storage is Front and Center

Adding a pantry or some beautiful new shelving are both affordable home renovations that can make a huge difference in the kitchen.

A new pantry with lots of shelves and a nice door will make it easy for the entire family to access items like snacks, dry ingredients, and nonperishable foods. A beautiful wall shelf in the kitchen gives you more space to display or store your favourite dinnerware, coffee mugs, or glasses. The key is to make changes that will provide you with more storage without taking up a lot of extra space.

A Large Island

Many newer homes have kitchen islands, but older homes may not have this trendy upgrade. Consider a brand-new island in the centre of your kitchen if you have the room.

A kitchen island is a great place for the family to gather together for breakfast, and it’s also an excellent space for prepping food. Your island can have a sink or stove installed, or it can simply be solid with a smooth countertop. Whichever you choose, these kitchen renovations will never disappoint.

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